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The striking watercolor "Stewardship" was painted by artist Greg Mort at his summer home/studio in Port Clyde, Maine in the summer of 1991. This singular and compelling image presents the viewer with a riveting vision of reality. The focus of the painting is two spheres poised on a seemingly endless black background. One a pristine golden apple and the other an apple that the artist has meticulously painted like our Earth.

Mort describes "Stewardship" as an image that "makes a personally and perhaps universally important statement. It was born in a time of the Space Age, a time of self-discovery and awareness in all of us. This epoch in history has redefined our world vision of ourselves and our tenuous place in the universe. We have come face to face with major questions and realize that our survival depends upon the answers that wait to be found. The price tag? Nobody can be sure what challenges lie ahead on the road to self-preservation. It seems clear that this is indeed a frail and delicate world, like a fruit so beautiful yet so easily bruised. The Earth's fate is in our hands."

The original watercolor "Stewardship" is in the collection of The White House and has appeared in several publications including TIME Magazine and Carl Sagan's book, Pale Blue Dot. The overall image size of the limited edition four color lithograph of "Stewardship" is 20" X 24". It was printed on museum quality Mohawk Superfine eighty pound paper by the fine artisans of Westland Printers in Burtonsville, Maryland. Each piece is individually hand titled, number and signed by the artist. "Stewardship" was published in a limited edition of only four hundred and fifty.