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Greg Mort in the Studio

Greg Mort, internationally acclaimed, self-taught artist hikes the rugged coast of Maine and travels the rural trails of Maryland with his brushes, paints and canvases. Drawing and painting since childhood, Mort's professional art career star began to rise at an early age with his first museum show at eighteen. Recognized today as one of America's leading contemporary artists, his watercolor, oil and pastel images are in notable collections around the world.

Mort's creative roots stem from his love of nature. Born near Syracuse, New York where he hiked and camped as a young person, he developed a life long fascination with the outdoors, night sky and the study of astronomy. He was captivated and wanted to express the beauty of the natural world he so enjoyed. From the beginning he took his painting materials everywhere. Then as now, he continues to draw directly from life with no limits to his interests and subject matter.
Growing up during the height of the "Space Race" was to have a lasting effect on the young artist as well. His interests and talents eventually led him to be selected by NASA to join the prestigious group of American artists (Norman Rockwell, Robert Rauchenburg, Andrew Wyeth) commissioned to portray their major mission events. Recognized in this field as a serious amateur astronomer, Mort serves on the Boards of the McDonald and Lowell Observatories and Carl Sagan included his works in his book "Pale Blue Dot" and as part of other Sagan Production projects.

Mort's passion for exploration and beauty has expanded with painting adventures throughout the United States and to the Tuscan hill top town of Montepulciano, Italy where he lived with his family for a year.
Greg Mort and two beloved dogs
Greg Mort's Home in Maine He frequently travels for his art and has had exhibitions in Switzerland, Japan, Russia, and Canada and across America. Followers of his work have witnessed and enjoyed the diverse growth and development of Greg Mort's creative spirit. His artwork can be viewed in the Smithsonian Museum of American Art, the Corcoran Museum of Art, the Portland Museum of Art, the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and many more. He lives with his wife and two children in Ashton, Maryland and summers on the coast of Maine in the town of Port Clyde.